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Aug 25, 2014

August 25th, 2014

Workers Pledge Nationwide Escalation for Justice at Jimmy John’s on Labor Day

Press Contact: Isaac Dalto (443-845-3638)

WASHINGTON– The National Labor Relations Board has ordered Jimmy John’s to reinstate six workers who were unlawfully fired in 2011 for...

Aug 22, 2014

August 22nd, 2014


BALTIMORE, MD- This morning, Jimmy John’s workers at Pratt Street engaged in a short work stoppage and marched on the boss to demand the right to organize without retaliation. They gathered in front of the store at approximately 10:30 AM....

Aug 9, 2014


Press Contacts:

Isaac Dalto: (443) 845-3638
Brendan Camiel: (410) 431-6171

BALTIMORE, MD - Workers at Jimmy Johns have announced their membership in the IWW Jimmy John's Workers Union and have asked management to recognize their union and...