News Archive for October 2010

Oct 30, 2010

Sandwich Workers to Continue to Press for Improved Working Conditions

MINNEAPOLIS – The Jimmy John's Workers Union has filed a 12-page Objection to the October 22 NLRB election at 10 Minneapolis sandwich shops, outlining a pattern of pervasive and systemic labor rights violations that...

Oct 22, 2010

Workers report widespread illegal activity by company

MINNEAPOLIS – Workers at 10 Jimmy John’s franchise locations in Minneapolis are crying foul after a near tie in a union certification election marred by misconduct by owner MikLin enterprises. 85 workers voted in favor of unionization...

Oct 18, 2010

A Sign of Hope for a Nation Reeling from Recession

Rally: 5:30pm Monday 10/18, Block E Jimmy John's, Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS– Jimmy John's workers and supporters will rally this afternoon, kicking off the final countdown to an unprecedented NLRB union election at the Minneapolis-...

Oct 14, 2010

Support Builds for Sandwich Workers in Run-up to Historic Union Election with Rally Planned for Monday

Rally and Press Conference: 5:30pm Monday 10/18, Block E Jimmy John's

MINNEAPOLIS– The Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation has voted to endorse the IWW Jimmy John's Workers...

Oct 1, 2010

Labor Rights Violations Stack up as Sandwich Chain Turns to 'Union Avoidance' Consultants

MINNEAPOLIS– Jimmy John's will face a government investigation of 14 alleged violations of the National Labor Relations Act at ten Minneapolis locations, the IWW Jimmy John's Workers Union announced...